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- Feature Article: How To Take Couple's Marriages in Your Congregation from "Good to Great"

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    How to take Couples' Marriages in your Congregation from "Good to Great"

    In December’s issue, you were reminded of the high U.S. divorce rates, which no doubt you experience regularly with troubled couples visiting your office for pastoral counseling.  I remember experiencing that while serving as a minister at McLean Bible Church.  These frequent visits indicated the level of struggles couples were experiencing in their marriages. 

    To meet the needs of these couples, our staff team decided to establish a marriage mentoring program.  The idea was not just to help hurting marriages, but also to incorporate ongoing work in the “Preparing for Marriage” program and to help couples at any season or stage of their marriages to make their relationships healthier.  Also, as pastors, you want to equip your people for ministry, rather than doing all the work of ministry yourselves. 

    The Marriage Mentoring ministry is a perfect way to achieve both goals. Let’s go over the steps you’ll need to take to establish a Marriage Mentoring ministry in your church.

    1. Preach a Marriage Sermon Series

      Preach a sermon series to focus people on their marriages. February is a great time to do this as Valentine’s Day is approaching!  It is a timely season to remind people to focus attention on the health of their key primary relationship – their marriages.  For any ministry to succeed, it needs to have the sponsorship and support of the senior pastor, and preaching a sermon series on marriage demonstrates that support.

    2. Hold Interest Meetings

      Hold “Interest Meetings” after the worship services to meet interested couples.  You’ll find that two types of couples come to your interest meetings:  1) couples that want to mentor others 2) couples that want to be mentored.  At the interest meetings, you’ll need to provide short applications for people to complete and send back to you.  Set up a system, even if it is something simple, like an Excel spreadsheet, to keep track of these couples and their submitted leadership applications.

    3. Hold Couple Interviews

      Review couple applications and set up interviews to screen couples for service.  Interview interested couples to determine which are an appropriate fit for your leadership team. There will be couples who are interested that may not be ready to mentor at this time. If so, hold a private meeting with them to explain the reasons why. Make arrangements to help obtain the additional help they'll need to be mentors in the future.

    4. Organize the Team

      Align your new leaders into teams.  Set up a Prepare, Repair and Enrich (or Maximize) Team.  It is helpful to have team leader couples serve as senior mentor couples to oversee other couples as your team grows.

    5. Hold Orientation / Training Session

      Hold an initial training orientation session for your leader couples and then provide ongoing training afterward on a quarterly basis for your leader couples.

    6. Establish Pastoral Staff Support Team

      Establish a pastoral staff contact or team of contacts with counseling experience and training available to meet regularly with team leader couples.  The purpose of the meetings is to debrief on how couples are doing and to help handle especially problematic situations.

    7. Segment Leader Couples by Passion

      Divide couple leaders into areas they are gifted and for which they have a passion.  For example, some couples have overcome affairs and re-built their marriages, while others have struggled and overcome pornographic or gambling addictions.  These couples could lead a “911” team for couples whose marriages are especially in crisis.  As a pastor, ensure these couples have recovered well and have a long track record of success in these areas before placing them into a leadership and mentoring role of other couples.

    8. Continue to Build the Team

      Continue to attract and promote couples into leadership as they are ready. As your teams grow, set goals to have no more than 2-3 couples mentored by a mentor couple at a time, particularly if the mentee couples are dealing with very difficult issues and are deeply into the "repair" stage of their marriage.

      At the beginning, you may need to ask mentor couples to handle more mentee couples. However, in the long run, this will exhaust them. Make it your goal to have that ratio of one mentor couple to two or three mentee couples as soon as you can. Continue to build your leadership team to help others take their marriages to a place of greater joy, health and fulfillment!

    Recommended Resource To Maximize Tomorrow's Leaders Today

    The Parrotts' manual is an excellent resource for any pastor or church leader that desires to establish a marriage mentoring ministry in their church. It contains leadership applications (which you may modify to include specifics for your church), marriage mentoring report forms, positions descriptions and other helpful information. For more information or to order your copy, go to:

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