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Feature Article: "How to Target Our Ministries for Most Effective Results"

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  • How to Target Your Ministry for Most Effective Results

    One of the greatest success strategies I have seen in my years of both corporare experience and ministry is in choosing carefully a target audience to whom you will minister.

    Although we are told to go into all the world and preach the gospel, each of us individually or as a church cannot personally go into all the world. Now the emergence of the Internet and its associated technologies since the early '90s have allowed us to go instantly to places we've not been before and in real-time. The creation of the Internet and its associated advantages for the gospel are innumerable, nothwithstanding the challenges of evil it has also been used to proliferate.

    However, using a "shotgun" approach to ministry is ineffective and diffuses the impact of our ministry. We cannot target everyone. Carefully choosing which groups of people we will seek to impact allows us to tailor our programs and message to meet the needs of those particular groups.

    This careful targeting of specific audiences was a strategy McLean Bible Church began in the early to mid-'90s and in doing so, experienced great success. Frontline, led by Ken Baugh at the time, was the very first specifically-targeted ministry that MBC launched. The target audience for Frontline was the 18-35 age group of "postmodern" thinkers. The music, the messages, those on the stage - everything was designed to reach out to this particular audience.

    Another targeted ministry was inspired by Jill, the daughter of Lon and Brenda, who has many special needs. This was the Access ministry, designed to reach out to families who had children with special needs. At this time, MBC is building "Jill's House," a home on the MBC property where parents can bring their special needs children for various services and overnight care to provide respite for these families. When I left MBC a year or so ago, they were ministering to several hundred families weekly. I'm sure that has only increased since that time.

    Those in the world of marketing understand these principles. They carefully identify target audiences and create products and offers to meet the needs of those audiences. Like those with savvy in the marketing world, pastors need to learn how to use some of these same strategies to reach out to those who are needy for the message of Christ.

    How do you identify target markets in your area? There are various demographic tools that marketers use to assess those in their geographical areas. A key web site to find demographic information is at the site.

    Another Web site that contains helpful information for pastors about marketing is Web site and also the American Marketing Association. Sometimes, these organizations offer free teleseminars or Webcasts that can be helpful as well. Pastors, although usually untrained in marketing, really need to understand its principles as they reach out to those in their areas with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

    Whatever tool we use, we have to place the primary importance on focusing our ministry efforts and people resources to be most effective. This way, we'll ensure that we bring all the best we have to the table to build the kingdom of God.

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