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How to Avoid Being Blindsided by Legal and Financial Issues in Your Church

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  • How to Avoid Being Blindsided by Legal and Financial Issues in Your Church

    There are so many legal and financial issues that can blindside a church. In our Monday night Pastors' Forum, here are a few tips that Dan Busby, Vice President of the Evangelical Financial Accountability Association, (ECFA) shared with us.

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    1. "No Loose Cash in the Offering Plate" Rule - effective January 1, 2007 with the Pension Protection Act of 2006.

      This relates to a new change in the tax rules of as of January 1, 2007, whereby churches must acknowledge cash gifts from individuals, whether or not the gifts are under $250. Churches can handle this by providing offering envelopes to people in which they place their cash gifts with their name for appropriate church recordkeeping. Although this creates a bit of a greater administrative burden on the church, it is an opportunity to encourage people to use the offering envelopes and also provides greater accountability for people regarding their gifts.

    2. Churches and charities can receive IRA Rollovers through December 31, 2007. The law "sunsets" at this time, unless Congress passes it again. This is a very beneficial law for churches, so churches should encourage their Congress people to pass this again.
    This is more of a benefit for taxpayers that are over 70 1/2 years of age. They can roll over their IRAs as a charitable contribution to a church or ministry. The donor benefits in that they are not taxed on the money, and the church benefits because they receive the entire amount of the contribution. There is no tax deduction on the rollover, unless it is from a Roth IRA. Churches then acknowledge the amount of funds received from the IRA custodian.
    1. New Issues from the IRS

      Form 990-N, also called the "E-postcard" - There is quite a bit of confusion about this as the media has been publicizing this, but not clarifying who it applies to - it applies to small nonprofits with revenues under $25K.

      Churches are clearly exempt from this filing. But they are required to annually file the 990-T, which is the form for "unrelated business income" when they have income of over $1,000 per year. Income from debt-related property or a church bookstore that is outside of the church are types of issues that would fall into this category of "unrelated business income."

    2. Brand-new IRS regulations related to Informal Retirement Plans (Section 409A)

      These are some "hidden" regulations that apply to churches that have established informal retirement plans. These are supplemental to 403(B) plans. They may make agreements with the senior pastor, for example, to make payments for a certain number of years or over a lifetime. Whether the church has funded the plans is inconsequential - even if there's a promise to make the payments, the rules still apply. These go into effect January 1, 2008.

    3. Donor- Restricted Funds

      ECFA receives more questions regarding donor-restricted funds than any other issue. Dan mentioned it's because it's a state law issue, and there's often a lack of clarity surrounding these laws. However integrity requires that the money be used as the donor specified, whether for its for a building program or some other needs. If that need goes away, then the church should go back to the giver and ask permission to redirect and use the funds in a different way. Churches can expose themselves to lawsuits if they choose to use funds differently than donors specify. Churches need to track the money via accounts and monitor the "outgo" of expenses against that account. Dan has written a 200-page book to be published later this month called Donor Restricted Gifts Simplified.

    4. Short-Term Mission Trip Issues

      These gifts are generally deductible if the trip is approved or endorsed by the church as part of its missions' program and the church is providing oversight. Often, churches ask the trip participants to raise their funds for their trips. The caution points here related to "donor-preferenced" gifts versus "donor-restricted" gifts, as this relates to how much actual control the church has over the funds.

      Gifts given on behalf of minors are generally deductible if the minor has the capacity to significantly contribute to the missions trip. Examples would include teenagers helping with vacation bible schools, building relationships with the children and sharing Christ.

      If people fund their own trips, they may deduct a charitable deduction for the trip even if the church does not handle the funds. They would claim this as a "noncash" deduction on their Schedule A, and this applies even if the church does not handle the funds directly.

    Were these tips helpful to you? Please contact my office at (703) 282-2325 or at to order your copy of the CD. You may also purchase Dan's upcoming book later this month.

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