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Feature Article: Developing Leaders by Building a Coaching Ministry in Your Church

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Pastors' Forum, Mon, September 17, 8 pm EST
  • Developing Leaders by Building a Coaching Ministry in Your Church
  • Guest Pastor, Dr. Joseph Umidi, President, Lifeforming Leadership Coaching, VA Beach, VA
Special Event for Pastors and Women on Monday, October 8 at 8 pm EST
  • How to Crack the Communication Code Between Men and Women
  • Guest, Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, President of Love and Respect Ministries and author of Love and Respect

Developing Leaders by Building a Coaching Ministry in Your Church

Leadership development is one of the greatest needs in not just the church, but in other settings, too, such as the marketplace and the family. Church leaders need to be focused on leadership development for approximately 30% of their time. Many leaders will say..."I don't have that level of time to devote to developing pastor I know lamented to me that he probably spent about .3% of his time on leadership development.

Yet developing leaders is not an area leaders can afford to avoid. And coaching has become a new philosophy for leadership development - a way of developing leaders that is transformational in a relational, value-driven context.

In our upcoming Pastors' Forum next Monday, September 17, Dr. Joseph Umidi, President of Lifeforming Leadership, and I will discuss how to use "coaching" as a new means of developing leaders for the present and future needs of the church. We'll also discuss the unique aspects of coaching male versus female leaders and insights for leaders.

If you'd like to learn more, please contact me at my office, or click on the red enroll button in the right panel, or in the bottom left below.

Benefits of Coaching to Develop Leaders

  1. Creates a funnel of ongoing leadership development

    The traditional way that leaders are "recruited" or placed into service is often done based on the ministry's needs at the time. Perhaps a new singles' ministry is beginning and new leaders are needed, or a church-wide event where lots of volunteers are needed for coordination and hospitality, for instance. However, the staffing-oriented approach merely focuses on filling slots and although it can develop job-related skills, it fails to take a wholistic approach to developing leaders. As church leaders incorporate coaching into their leadership cultures, they'll find that they have a ready supply of leaders, who not only are able to serve, but who are continually maturing from a spiritual perspective.

  2. Creates and develops leaders in a relational and transformational way.
Coaching is a transformational process, whereby the coach works alongside the developing leader to help them walk through the areas God is working in their lives. It is a completely personalized process, all in the context of a personal relationship with one another. The trust that is built up between the coach and the developing leaders allow him or her access into the person's life to help as God does deep work in the life of the leader who is being coached.
  1. Allows for personal growth in the context of community

    The coaching process takes place within the context of a learning community. As part of the coaching process, each leader is assigned a coach trainer, who walks with them through the course of several months as they grow and mature spiritually.

    Each leader also has a peer mentor assigned to them, with whom they build a relationship over the course of the year. The peer mentor relationship is key to building trust and creating a support system for encouragement, change and growth for both leaders.

  2. Provides a means to help leaders set and achieve their goals

    Part of the coaching process entails helping developing leaders to establish goals for their lives and then make progress toward meeting these goals. Coaching creates ongoing followup with the leader who is being coached to set goals, establish realistic timelines, and to have support and accountability during the change process. It's easy to make the decision to change - it's much more difficult to walk out the process of making difficult personal or growth-related changes. The built-in support that is part of the coaching relationship gives people this much-needed support and helps them be successful in reaching their goals.

Were these tips helpful to you?

Please contact my office if you'd like to join us for next Monday's Pastors' Forum where Dr. Joseph Umidi and I will go into greater depth on coaching and how it can be incorporated into the leadership development process at your church.

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Our next Pastors' Forum is Monday, September 17, 8 pm - 9 pm EST, 7 p.m. CST / 6 pm MT / 5 PST. Please join me and other pastors for a special teleseminar with our guest, Pastor, Dr. Joseph Umidi, President of LifeForming Leadership Coaching in Virginia Beach, VA.

Joseph and I will be discussing the philosophy of coaching to develop leaders in your church, how you can create transformation in the lives of individuals through coaching, how we need to coach men and women differently, and other important leadership development issues.

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Healing the Heart of Your Church

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