President of Tiber Solutions
Christianity 101/201 Volunteer Teacher
McLean University, McLean Bible Church

Suzanne is a gemˇ¦She is a godly wise woman who has tremendous leadership and administrative skills. She knows the inner workings of the local church like few do. Her experience is extraordinary. She brings tremendous insight to the table, having been a powerful servant-leader in one of the premier Bible Churches in America.

She knows first hand how the local church operates from the Senior pastor to the disgruntled volunteer, from the newly hired staff person to the staff person being transitioned out, and from the board member to the bored member. She has seen it all and evidenced much fruit through it all.

The power of Christ works through her because she presents herself in a caring and deferential humility. She approaches people with one goal in mind: to honor these people as they seek to honor Christ in their own local ministry. I have met few who can approach the local church as a woman in such a balanced manner. Her demeanor is disarming.

Let me say it again: she is a gem.

She is fully committed to the infallibility and inerrancy of the Scriptures and is fully submitted to the authority of Scripture and the eldership at the local church level. She will consult as a servant to the board and staff. Talk with her and you'll find these things out very quickly. You will love and respect her.

Rev. Emerson E. Eggerichs Ph.D.
Author of ˇ°Love and Respectˇ±

After 18 years of working with Suzanne in ministry development, I have known her to be quick, perceptive and visionary, insightful, able to do the work of 3 people at a time and focused on building God's Kingdom! Her leadership development gifts have been developed in graduate seminary work as well as through years of work in the secular marketplace, through leadership in a large church and in this parachurch organization. I believe these experiences have equipped her with a ready wealth of understanding that can only send any person or organization she works with forward!

Diana Schick
Creative Living International

"As a seminary professor, I have had the privilege to work closely with Ms. Martinez on a number of projects. For one, no one works harder or smarter than Suzanne. I believe her superb gifts, outstanding skills, sensitive spirit and godly character will help facilitate the kind of consulting help many churches and ministries need."

Dr. Kenneth Quick
Director of the Ministry Leadership Program
Chair of the Practical Theology Department
Capital Bible Seminary, Lanham, MD

I was greatly blessed by the leaders' workshop in that it helped me and others zero in on our strengths and weaknesses. This workshop provides an honest environment in which to accurately assess, in the presence of others, your giftedness and how it can best be used to glorify God.

Mike Minter
Senior Pastor, Reston Bible Church

I have known Suzanne France (Martinez) for years. She is a first-rate professional who always gives her best. In other words, she delivers what she promises. Excellence is her "middle name."

Dr. Richard L. Gathro
Executive Vice President
Council for Christian Colleges & Universities

I would just like to say how much I have personally enjoyed working for and with Suzanne. She is a very competent and great team leader. She never "lorded it over us" as a woman on the MU Team, but rather sought to encourage each one of us to serve the Lord to the fullest extent. Our decisions were based on all of our input and the decisions were made in the same way. She was a pleasure to team teach with and we were always successful in teaching Christianity 401 together. I hadn't had much experience team teaching before, but she made everything easy and brought the perfect balance in doing it. She is very knowledgeable in the Word and its application. I always enjoyed every opportunity to share the instruction from God's Word with her.

She is always encouraging to everyone and always up to any challenge! From day one, she supported all of us as instructors by encouraging us to maximize our spiritual gifts and to further expand the ministry potential and outreach of MU. She is someone I have the highest regard for, both spiritually and as a person. I have been very impressed with her heart for ministry and her desire to see others reach their full potential in ministry. Many times, she would meet with me and the other Monday night instructors, specifically to come and join us in prayer before our classes. She would always bring a rich prayer for us, our students, God's word going forth into the student's hearts, and even the protection of our marriages.

Her gentle, vibrant spirit just causes people to pull together whatever is needed and accomplish the mission. When others are ready to panic, she's ready to smile and keep going! She is "one of a kind." It has been my privilege to get to know her for the past five years, serve under her leadership position and work together with her as the MU team. She is very much a God-fearing and God-honoring woman, an excellent leader, and has always pursued and carried out the church's desire for excellence in both ministry and service.

Barry Hutchinson
Christianity 101/201/401 Volunteer Teacher
McLean University, McLean Bible Church

I have had the pleasure to work along side of Suzanne Martinez at McLean Bible Church in McLean Virginia. I worked as a church member with Suzanne who was the Director of Adult Education. One of Suzanne's passions was to increase the level of spiritual education throughout the church. This was evident through the goals that were set to: provide a non-threatening environment for the unbeliever to explore the God of the Bible, provide spiritual education classes through the internet, build out of additional classes, build up the community of instructors, and many more. All combined - her spiritual maturity, her drive to seek an advanced seminary degree and her corporate management background provide the right ingredients to bring about positive change for the Kingdom of God.

Doug Moye
Christianity 101/201 Volunteer Teacher
McLean University, McLean Bible Church

I have worked with Suzanne for several years in sharing the gospel with seekers in a mega church. Suzanne is a godly woman who has a heart for evangelism, discipling the body of Christ, and giving glory to God. With her leadership and God's power, this ministry dramatically grew in decisions for Christ and changed lives. I appreciate Suzanne — her leadership, example, dedication, and personal prayers for my family and me.

Jim Hadley
President of Tiber Solutions
MBC Volunteer teacher for Christianity 101/201

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